Reporting Forms-

Report a problem or notify us about activities that may be of public health concern. You may submit the forms below via fax at 502-543-2998 or via phone 24/7 at 502-955-7837.

  1. Health Professional Reports (EPID 200): State law mandates that health care providers report over 85 diseases or conditions to their local health department. You may utilize this form and submit via fax or phone.

  2. Environmental Health Complaints: Please call our Environmental Health Department if you wish to report problems at a restaurant or food market, rodent problems at a property, sewage or wastewater discharge at a property, no water at a property, lead exposure hazards, illegal food vendors or problems at a body art facility.

  3. Animal Bites/Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis: Animal bites to humans are reported to our Environmental Health Department and Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis follow-up is done by our Epidemiology Department. You may utilize this form and submit via fax or phone.

  4. Public callers who would like to report a public health issue may also call 502-955-7837 at any time.