Additional Classes

Safe Sitter


None at this time-due to COVID

Safe Sitter is a medically accurate program that teaches boys and girls ages 11 to 13 how to handle emergencies when caring for children. This class teaches safe and nurturing child care techniques, behavior management skills, and appropriate responses to medical emergencies. When you accept a babysitting job, you accept the responsibility for a child’s life. Taking a Safe Sitter class will help prepare you to be a more responsible babysitter. And you’ll HAVE FUN! Call: (502) 955-5355 to register. Class size is 16, so first come first served. Class fee is $30.
--Safe Sitter Manual
--Safe Sitter Bag
--Completion Card
--Band-Aid kit

Pizza and drinks will be served for lunch or you may bring your own lunch.

You must be 11 years old by the date of the class.