OnSite Sewage


At this time, the Bullitt County Health Department’s Environmental Office has enacted a policy that limits the public from entering the office.  We are only accepting new site evaluation applications and permits by mail and/or electronic mail.  All criteria/documents required to submit an application, to apply for a septic permit, and to receive a final inspection are the same.   Please see our website for a list of procedures.  Please see below for guidelines:

Site Evaluations:

  • To limit out of county travel, only local backhoe operators/installers will be used from this point forward.
  • The Environmentalist and backhoe operator/installer to be the only persons present on the property and maintain appropriate social distancing of six (6) feet.  No contact with anyone during the evaluation.  Environmentalist reserves the right to postpone the evaluation if more than one person is present on site. 
  • No timetable will be given in regard to completion of evaluation and will be dependent on local resources.


  • Use of mail and electronic mail can be utilized during pandemic.
  • An installer may mail in a proposed system drawing.  Installers that can scan and email the drawing may do so. 
  • Transversely the environmentalist may mail or email the permit to the installer. 
  • Homeowner permits will not be written due to the high number of follow-ups they usually require. 
  • Permits can be limited and will be dependent on local resources.

Final Inspections:

  • Final inspections can be completed only if appropriate social distancing of six (6) feet can be met.  Environmentalists reserve the right to postpone the inspections if more than one person is present on site. 
  • The final inspection form will be mailed to the homeowner or authorized agent upon completion. 

Continuing the Onsite Sewage Disposal System services is at the discretion of each Local Health Department during this event and are in no way mandatory to be conducted during the COVID-19 crisis.

When applying for a site evaluation you will need:

1. Complete an application (applications are available at the Bullitt County Health Department or click here for Application for Site Evaluation).
2. A copy of the plat with the dimensions of the property.
3. Cash, check, or money order for $250 (farm evaluation $350) made payable to Bullitt County Health Department.
4. Written directions or map to the property.

An appointment will be set up at this time.  You are responsible for having a full size backhoe and an experienced operator at the site the day of the appointment.  This appointment may be cancelled due to inclement weather such as snow or rain.  If these conditions exist, you should verify your appointment (502-955-7867).

You will need to make sure that your lot is clearly marked.  All property lines must be marked.

When the site evaluation has been completed and you receive the system requirements, you may apply for the onsite sewage permit (You have to have a sewage permit before you can apply for a building permit).


(Permits issued during environmentalist hours only)                                                                                           

When applying for a sewage permit you will need:

1. A certified installer to submit a drawing of the site which should include the proposed structure and the location and size of the system to be installed.
2. Blueprint (house plans) with the square footage, shape, and dimensions of the structure.
3. Footprint that includes the structure location on the lot, all setbacks from the property lines, and any additions to the lot (unattached garages, decks, sheds, etc.).
4. Cash, check, or a money order for $275 made payable to Bullitt County Health Department.

A sewage permit will be issued after all of the above have been approved by the environmentalist.The installer will call for an inspection when the system has been installed.